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American Dental Refurbishment all started with the concept that doctors really should receive more value for the equipment they purchase. As competitive as the field of dentistry is it's important that, you as a dentist, explore the options to remain economically stable and remain competitive. At American Dental Refurbishment, we're here to solve this problem. With the option of New, Refurbished, and Used equipment we can help to bring you the office you've dreamed of with only a fraction of the cost; and that right there is enough to make everyone smile.

ADEC 511 Upholstery Kits

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Premium Quality

Here at American Dental Refurbishment we use only the best suppliers for upholstery, such as Naugahyde® and Ultraleather®. We use top quality thread to ensure that stitched kits stay stitched for years to come. We offer custom design patterns and other premium options.


stitched or seamless its your choice

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Our most comfortable option. This stitched kit gives you the look and feel of luxury. Offered with Naugahyde® & Ultraleather® options this kit offers your patient comfort, so they can relax and you can make money. Our upholsterers are carefully selected and tested to ensure they output consistent results.

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Our most sanitary option. This truly seamless kit offers some comfort, while also keeping everything clean. No cracks or crevices for bacteria to hide in. Offered With Naugahyde®, This kit will stand up to wear and tear for years to come. Our Seamless kit is done by our professional upholsterer, to ensure you get a smooth clean look.


Premium Options


Premium memory foam can be added for that extra cushion. Your patients will smile as soon as they step in the chair. The foam will contour to their body giving them support and comfort, like sleeping on a matress. 

Relaxor® heated massage system offers your patients maximum comfort. Four massage motors and a heated pad in the back provide a deep relaxing massage, after all you are drilling into their teeth.


Brand name synthetic leather


Ultraleather truly defines performance fabrics. There is a reason it sits comfortably atop the A-list across industries. Intelligent materials, meticulously designed with ultimate softness and durability, Ultrafabrics® created Ultraleather with the goal of changing expectations for what a performance fabric can be, do and feel like. Ultrafabrics® wanted to redefine the experience of leather. So they elevated it: classic aesthetics, authentic softness, and always, naturally, animal-cruelty free. The result is a polyurethane portfolio that combines future-forward thinking with premium quality and timeless color palettes.

Uniroyal Engineered Products is the leading manufacturer of cast vinyl coated fabrics. Their Naugahyde® brand is known through the world as the premier choice for many types of vinyl applications. For nearly 80 years, the Naugahyde focus has been on delivering superior performance fabric solutions for the corporate, healthcare, hospitality, marine, recreational, and automotive markets. Made exclusively in the United States, Naugahyde products offer the uncompromised beauty and performance that today's discriminating customer expects.


Custom design

Have an idea for your offices look? We offer custom patterns for our stitched kits, each pattern is unique to you no two patterns are alike. If you dont want the standard look like everyone else, but cant come up with a pattern let us come up with one. Our upholsterer will come up with a unique design just for you.