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American Dental Refurbishment all started with the concept that doctors really should receive more value for the equipment they purchase. As competitive as the field of dentistry is it's important that, you as a dentist, explore the options to remain economically stable and remain competitive. At American Dental Refurbishment, we're here to solve this problem. With the option of New, Refurbished, and Used equipment we can help to bring you the office you've dreamed of with only a fraction of the cost; and that right there is enough to make everyone smile.

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ECO 45 Surgical Highspeed

Eco 45 Shop Photo.JPG
Eco 45 Shop Photo.JPG

ECO 45 Surgical Highspeed

from 400.00

Note: Optic Is Only Available For Eco-45K

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ECO-45 K-Style

ECO-45 K-Style

ECO 45

ECO 45

Vector ECO-45 K-Style Highspeed  

  • Includes:
  • Highspeed
  • Cap Wrench
  • Spray lubrication adapter
  • 1 year warranty


Vector ECO 45 Surgical Highspeed

  • High-performance air-driven 45 degree, no-chip-air, highspeed handpiece.  
  •  Accepts the NSK # NCH-SU03 or Vector # TNCS turbine.
  •  Includes: Handpiece, QD style swivel coupler, Lubrication Tool, Cap wrench.
  • 1 year limited warranty

Excellent Torque and Cutting Efficiency

Medium head provides enough torque and power without obstructing the view of the surgical sight when compared to large head air-driven hand pieces. Great balance between power and access!

No Chip Air

No chip-air into the surgical sight reduces the risk of air embolism when compared to a standard air driven highspeed handpiece.


45 Degree Angle Design

  • 45 degree angle head improves access to the 3rd molar region.
  • Quick relese swivel connector easily removes for sterilization between patients.
  • Medium head provides enough torque and power without obstructing the view of the surgical that to large head air-driven handpieces.