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American Dental Refurbishment all started with the concept that doctors really should receive more value for the equipment they purchase. As competitive as the field of dentistry is it's important that, you as a dentist, explore the options to remain economically stable and remain competitive. At American Dental Refurbishment, we're here to solve this problem. With the option of New, Refurbished, and Used equipment we can help to bring you the office you've dreamed of with only a fraction of the cost; and that right there is enough to make everyone smile.

Adec 1040 OTP W/ LED Light

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Adec 1040 OTP W/ LED Light

Adec 1040 OTP W- LED Light (1 of 4).JPG
Adec 1040 OTP W- LED Light (2 of 4).JPG
Adec 1040 OTP W- LED Light (3 of 4).JPG
Adec 1040 OTP W- LED Light (4 of 4).JPG
Adec 1040 OTP W- LED Light (1 of 4).JPG
Adec 1040 OTP W- LED Light (2 of 4).JPG
Adec 1040 OTP W- LED Light (3 of 4).JPG
Adec 1040 OTP W- LED Light (4 of 4).JPG

Adec 1040 OTP W/ LED Light


The Reliability of Adec is unsurpassed and with the slim metal back design of the 1040 you get unprecedented access to you your patient while they sit in comfort! 

Your chair will feature the following:

This Adec OTP  LED Package Includes The Following-

Adec 1040 Cascade Chair:

Your choice of color in upholstery from our wide selection, Digital touch pad, & foot control for easy control of the chair & quiet, yet smooth hydraulic operation! Feature the slim metal back design that allows for unprecedented access patient accent while being able to comfortably accomodate larger patients.


Adec Traditional Cascade Delivery System: 

(Shown with optional Cuspidor, Also Available With Telescoping Assistant Arm, Call In Advance For Product Availability)

Features three handpiece setup (one fiber optic handpiece tubing) with automatic shut-off, 3-way air/water syringe, self-contained bottled water system, and freely swings and fully articulated for easy positioning of the unit.

Features new handpiece tubings,rebuilt control blocks, new gaskets, and new control valves, as well as new handpiece actuators to ensure you have years of dedicated service from your equipment.

Ultra-Sonic Scalers, IntraOral Cameras, and Curing Lights can easily be intergrated into the delivery system for easy and immediate access.


Custom DCI Series 4 LED Light System:

Uncompromisable Natural White Light light with Intensity Settings, High, Medium, and Low. Free swinging and fully articulating for easy positioning. Custom Painted and Machined To Fit Our Adec Cascade System.

Available With Series 5 Light Offering No Touch Sensors & A No-Cure Mode! (Upgrade Charge To Apply, Call For This Upgrade Please.)


Adec Assistant Arm:

Features removable solids collector for easy filter exchange, HVE and Saliva Ejector included with new tubings, 3-way air/water syringe, and a support center provides 2 quick disconnects (water port for ease of ultra-sonic scaler use and air for an air quick disconnect for a polishing system)

Premium Warranty Applies.

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